My two sons got their start as well as their love for basketball by playing with Dan McKenna. Dan’s strengths are in knowing the game and working well with children. This is the perfect combination for Hoop Stars. Your children will love learning basketball with Dan and Hoop Stars.
— Doreen Perks, Founder of Bob Perks Fund

Dan does a phenomenal job coaching youth basketball and the kids absolutely love him! He finds fun and creative ways to motivate and organize young kids which is not a simple task. I’ve had him coach my oldest daughter (who thinks he’s amazing) and look forward to when he’ll coach my youngest daughter as well!
— Tyler Smith, Former PSU Men's Basketball Captain

I thought it would be good to sign my son up for Hoop Stars - but it was way better than I even hoped. Coach Dan does an amazing job helping each child based on their individual personalities, levels in physical and social growth, etc. Each class really was amazing to watch. We all had such a great time!
— Michelle S